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We’ll meet on the horizon, where the light begins and the borders end.
Everything is in constant movement with rhythm and frequency. Everything changes.
Time Map
Creating the Social Matrix of Space-Time
The individuals' awareness of their movement immersed in a globalized culture.

Living in Spiral

We believe in a world where the same Sun embraces us all, the same Earth feeds us, and the same Moon guides us; where we are all part of the great human family. And from those beliefs, we want to create a world where we all live unique, transcendent life's experiences. That is why we strive passionately to design the tools that help us in this journey.


This vision began from my need to flow, understand and reconnect with nature’s cycles to have a life in harmony and respect with the Earth from her knowledge and understanding.


During my journey on this Earth, I’ve matured a series of ideas that I expose to contribute to the foundations of what can be a civilization, which always seeks the balance while walking; leaving space to the individual to live and express its oneness through self -knowledge. In this section, I present notes, commentary, and thoughts that are related or relevant to the process.


Through conceptual and graphic designs, I will try to illustrate the ideas for the creation of instruments that will facilitate the understanding of the Earth dynamics and will lead us to a more efficient social organization.

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